Dear Apple Music, I am so sorry, but I’m still in love with Spotify 

Anyone who follows me on Twitter would see a lot of my tweets on this since I found out Apple Music would be made available in Thailand. Currently I am using Spotify, which is not available in Thailand at the moment. I’m still running on my UK account, paying £5 or around 250 Baht a month (Student deal 50% off FTW). Before I left the UK, I made sure I left some ££ in my bank account to last for about 1 year Spotify premium membership. That’s how much I’m in love with it. 

I am certainly not a techie person, just a streaming music active user, so I genuinely don’t care, be it Spotify or Apple Music or any brand, if it makes things easier for someone like me who

1) can’t live without music 

2) very lazy to download stuff

which is pretty much the reason why I love streaming music service so much. I’m SO glad I got to try Spotify when I arrived in the UK, happily pay 250 Baht every month, and use it ALL the time ever since. 

So, this is why I got super excited when I found out Apple music is here for us in Thailand! This would make my life easier since Spotify is not available yet. Some people and friends tried it and raved how awesome it is. This could be even better than Spotify, I thought, and I could switch it, for only 150 Baht a month too! 

I really wanted to like Apple music from the start!

But…I tried, felt disappointed, and still prefer Spotify. 

Here are the reasons why;

Recommended artists

I can’t believe Apple music doesn’t have this function! To me, this is what makes music- streaming AWESOME as I can explore new and interesting artists so much more. It looks like this on Spotify when you search and click on the artist page. 


When you click again, it opens another page which allows you to browse more artists similar to the ones you are listening to much easier. Isn’t it super cool!? 

I use this feature to discover new music and artists again and again. As an active user who loves to search for new music to listen, this feature is very important for me.
I feel slightly devastated that Apple music doesn’t have this (!!!!!!) To me, this is almost like the main purpose of using streaming service – to easily and conveniently explore new artists and music. 

Albums & Singles

Spotify neatly separates albums and singles of the artist page in different sections, while Apple music mix all albums and singles together, and I don’t like that at all. 

I probably have a slight OCD for music. When I search for the song, sometimes I want to know what album or single it is that song is from. Apple Music feels too messy for me to navigate, while Spotify albums and singles section is very clean and organized = love from me. 

Curated playlists

Another big deal. This is another thing I love about Spotify; “Browse” and “Discover” menu. Check out how cool it is.  

The playlists on the top keep changing depending on the time of the day you check. So you have “Morning” “Afternoon” “Evening” or “Weekend” playlists and a lot more.


Not only you can check playlists easily from Browse menu, Spotify also divides playlists by genres AND moods. I personally love the mood ones. It’s pretty cool as it can match music with your feelings at that moment. 

“Discover” section below is great too because it matches your music taste to the ones they wanna recommend, or the ones they think similar to your taste. Spotify really tries to make discovering new music much easier. 


I am aware that Apple music has these features too. In fact, I heard some comments about how awesome “For you” feature is. But the design looks very confusing to me as they mix both playlists and albums together, like this.


Also, I don’t think “For you” can guess my music taste that accurately. I listen to a wide range of music – alternative/indie, pop, electronic, house, soul, R&B, blues, jazz, pretty much a little bit of everything, so I wish For You layout and design could make navigating through different genres of music easier, if they truly intend it to be music “For me” 

I also checked some of Apple curated playlists and feel that they have much less selection than Spotify. But that’s probably because it is still very new and needs some time to improve the playlists. 

Personally I am not that excited about Beats radio as I tend to go straight and find playlists when I want to listen to something new. 

So, that’s just my opinions and feelings, from a normal user’s experience. 

Most likely I could end up using Apple Music, though, when my ££ in UK bank account is all gone. I truly hope Spotify will be launched in Thailand soon. I really, really do. 

Oh, I almost forgot the only thing that makes Apple Music cooler, Taylor Swift (!!!!!) And I’ve been mainly abusing this by listening to “Bad blood” all weekend. 

#Oops #Confession #GuiltyPleasure 


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