The Martian: First read of 2016 (I did it!) 

I just finished reading The Martian at this very moment. And damn, that last page almost made me cry. 

Crying? Totally unexpected for a Sci-Fi. 

The very first Sci-Fi fiction I finished reading, if I may add *Jumping up and down*

Science has always been my weak spot. By “weak,” I mean it had almost always been my academic enemy; the subject that prevented me from getting straight As in school – always teetering on the edge of B+ instead. Plus in high school, I have never taken Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Basically, you could say my science skill is almost equivalent to zero. I don’t even know what periodic table is for! (I’m serious) 

Needless to say, reading The Martian has stretched my knowledge limit into uncharted territories (Read: making me feel dumb way too many times, more than I would like). I almost gave up during the first few chapters when he tried to make water on Mars. Too much chemistry…stuff. 

I dragged on, even though there are too many words like Oxygen, CO2, velocity, intercept range (and A LOT more) in paragraphs than I would normally be comfortable with. 

Gotta be honest here, the whole fiction felt almost like a blurry image to me, with Mark Watney struggling hard coming up with one clever solutions after another of stayin’ alive mission on Mars. For someone who understands science, I suppose they must get it that it’s brilliant. Although I am aware the author was writing and explaining scientific details in simplified English, to me, I still did not get those science-y details at all. I sort of get the big picture described on here and know what’s going on, but it’s like my knowledge is not enough to grasp it all, as well as my imagination is blocked. Interesting reading experience for me, for sure. Took more effort than I am normally used to. 

Ever imagined what you would do if you were a character in fictions you read? (Or is it just me?) If I was a character in Sci-Fi or Adventure or Horror fictions, without a doubt, I would be the first one to die. If I were left on Mars, I would probably sit there and wail like a 6 year old. Too dumb to fix stuff. 

I am not sure why I am willingly announcing my own stupidity in public here. But anyway…

With The Martian, I’m afraid I might not be able to write a review and analyze the fiction as I normally like to do, considered my poor science knowledge and all, because I don’t like to write shit I don’t know about (If anyone is reading this and thinking it’s a waste of time, indeed it is. HA!). But I do like the character Mark Watney very much. He’s hilarious, very likable, and extremely optimistic. He cracks me up almost throughout the fiction. I love this guy! Perhaps he’s the reason I kept on reading, and deep down I was rooting for him, hoping he would survive. 

I’m glad he did. Damn, I can’t believe I almost cried for him, too. I got choked up reading the last few paragraphs. That last page was a killer. 

And I did it too! 

First 2016 reading challenge: finished the first Sci-Fi. I fucking did it. 

(I know it’s not like I survived from Mars or anything, but hey, this is Science and Natta we are talking about)

Now I seriously want to see the movie. Matt Damon must have been great for the role! The reason I decided to read is because I missed the chance of seeing it in the cinema when it was out. And to me, finding a new book to read is more preferable than finding a movie to watch. So, decided to give it a go here. 

Will most likely stay away from reading Sci-Fi for a long time, though. Not exactly my cup of tea, to say the least. Now, moving on to next, the only book available at Kinokuniya of all 5-6 books I gave names for them to check. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have books I wanted as I think they were all quite mainstream. 

Oh well. Enough ranting, more reading. 

P.S. Two weeks into 2016 and I’ve already read a Sci-Fi and tried out new gyms. Hooray, aren’t I on a roll here!? And holy shit, what happened to the old me? Who kidnapped her!? Next I will move on to bungee-jumping! (I kid. Nope. Not gonna happen. The old me is still here!) 


2 Replies to “The Martian: First read of 2016 (I did it!) ”

  1. Nice review! I’ve not read the Martian, so I dunno how much science you have to understand to enjoy it (a lot of the time I wonder how much of the science stuff authors make up anyway), but for me, good sci-fi should always be about the characters and their story, just like any other genre. It’s just the setting that’s different, and that setting sometimes lets you explore ideas and facets of the human condition in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. So don’t be put off from reading more sci-fi just because of the sciencey bits. But yeah, glad you enjoyed your first sci-fi novel 🙂 Thus ends my two cents. In conclusion, read more sci-fi. 😛


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