Review: Rumpuree Dance Studio, Hip Hop & Zumba classes 

Half of 2016 has gone and it seems like this is the year of challenging myself physically, exercise-wise so far! From the beginning of the year, I tried barre class at Physique 57 and bootcamp, and jumped on trampoline for Bounce Fit class. On regular basis, since March this year, I go see a personal trainer 2-3 times a week for a 60 minute training session. 

I’m not quite sure what inspired such a HUGE change for myself after twentysomething years of absolutely loathing exercise to the core of my being. Miraculous 2016! Finally, I could find some exercise that makes me enjoy. At this point, I absolutely love the feeling of post-exercise; so refreshing and relaxing at the end of a long day. Plus these days it does feel amazing to stay active. I’m really loving this new change and new me! 

Anyway, I’ve been telling some friends for a couple months now that next thing I wanna try is…dance classes! So here we go, last week finally I signed up at Rumpuree, with another friend as well. Both of us have never tried dance classes before; feeling quite nervous and challenged at the same time! 

Ready…Off we go!

Where is it?
Rumpuree Dance Studio at Jasmine City, Asoke, and Amarin Plaza, Chidlom 

How does it work?

-I signed up for 10 hour open dance classes, validity for 3 months, 4,000 THB. This gives me flexibility to join whichever classes we want. 

-Many variety of classes to choose from, anything from pole dance, belly dance, hip hop, zumba, etc. They even have tango, flamenco, or even striptease! 

-You can go to classes both locations; Asoke and Chidlom

What’s good?

-Locations! Both branches are great as it’s easily accessible from BTS. This is actually the main reason I decided to give it a try here. 

-Atmosphere. I don’t have much experience to compare if they are talented instructors or not, but I love how the instructors try to make it fun and enjoyable. 

-Class pace. As I’m a real beginner, the class pace really suits me; not too fast nor too slow. I once took street dance class at WE fitness and body jam class at Fitness First, and I have to say here is much better and more proper in teaching style. At the gym, the instructors go way too fast by trying to cram too many things and it’s always crowded, but here they repeat the movements a few times; without music slow pace, without music fast pace, and with music fast pace, to make sure you really get the right movements. I prefer this style much more. 

What’s bad?

-No shower rooms! Seriously, it’s quite bad. I kind of have to rely on baby wet wipes 😦 

What are the classes like?

So far I’ve tried only 3; Zumba, Girl hip hop, and hip hop. 


So. Much. Fun. Seriously, anyone can Zumba! It’s pretty much free style dancing. I knew I would like it since I heard the song “Can’t stop the feeling” by JT during warm-up! It’s hard NOT to enjoy dancing with some fun, chillax Spanish songs. It almost feels like you are dancing on the beach. Our instructor is also very nice and she does look like she enjoys and has fun dancing herself. I can feel her positive energy! I absolutely love those silly hip movements (supposed to be sexy, but it just looks silly on me! Haha) I found the trick that I can be happy dancing as long as good music keeps coming. And that’s what happens in Zumba class. All the songs have positive vibes and you just feel like rainbows and sunshine and unicorns for the whole 60 minutes, with silly grin on your face 🙂

I need that some time, you know? Being silly and relaxed and carefree. It’s a great way to end a long day at work 🙂 

Girl hip hop & Hip hop

Certainly different feeling. With girl hip hop, as the name suggested, it’s a bit more feminine, while hip hop movements are more stiff, stronger, and slightly tougher. 

This is my very first time trying hip hop classes, and I do enjoy it very much. The instructor in girl hip hop class is Spanish, and she said many times that she just wants all of us to enjoy and it’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you have fun. 

It’s quite interesting having to move your body in a stiff way for hip hop. No frills or being cutesy here. Every movement is short, sharp, and direct to the point. Apology for the lack of dance vocab and analogy here! 

And I’ve never thought a hip hop class could be this exhausting! Didn’t think I would be sweating that much but yes I did! 

Our post hip hop class face said it all. 

How does it feel?
I think, the two important keywords here are “Enjoy” and “Confidence” 

Enjoy…it’s pretty obvious to just enjoy and have fun learning new things you’ve never done before – also another great way to release stress. I caught myself smiling a lot while Zumba-ing. And that was just great, really. 

Confidence…our instructors in hip hop classes encourage everyone to be in the front, even just for once. In the beginning I was scared to death. There’s NO way I would want to be in the front, with this being my first hip hop experience and all. But after I gave it a try, I could say being in the front feels more fun and challenging! It’s intimidating but liberating at the same time; watching yourself doing all those movements in the mirror staring back at you. For one second, I was even thinking, wait a moment, who is this person? I’m just really not used to it. 

And we were told to dance with more confidence! I can see and feel it now how dancing can help improving your confidence. It’s almost like another role you are performing, something you may not be familiar with, but you wanna make sure you do it with confidence. Even though you can’t remember the moves or mess them up, it’s ok, just keep going. 

I can apply that kind of thinking in some real life situations too, you know? 

This is JUST the beginning. I look forward to challenging myself and getting even better. More classes to come! 🙂

“Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.”

Oh how I hate Will Traynor’s last letter in Me Before You, how it had an effect of making me weep and sob for the last two pages of the book, and again at the end of the movie. 

I read this book in 2014 (Amazon purchase history, not my memory, mind you) and just got to see this movie tonight. It still held that effect on me; when a good book leaves you with some thoughts to contemplate long after you finish reading it. The key message of the story still rings true after I walked out of the cinema. 

Despite the fact that this is such a soap opera cliched plot; how a rich, handsome man initially looks down on a poor woman who is his care taker, how he places himself high above everyone with such arrogance that makes you wanna slap him in the face, how he is extremely bossy and likes to place orders and so on, I try to overlook that and see how amazing it can be when someone encourages you to take more risks, makes you try new things in life, and broadens your horizon. 

My friend once smirked at me and said, wow, why would you need a man to make you a better you? Can’t you do that yourself? Of course I can. I’m always trying to improve myself to be better anyway. But it feels extraordinary when, once in a while your path can be crossed with someone, and they challenge your worldview and push yourself to see things differently, shading some new lights in your life, and you will have changed for the better, becoming a more well-rounded person. At least it is for me, when I am aware how I can be independent with my own thoughts and how I do things. If someone can challenge me to do and see things a little differently, that feels quite special and they do earn my respect as it is one of the most rewarding experiences. 

The book, and once again the movie, just reminded me to keep going, try new things, and in general just live. 

I’ve thought all of this on the drive home late night after the movie. Not exactly the earth-shattering discovery kind of blog post – more like I want to document some thoughts to re-read later. I’ve discovered recently that I do enjoy late night drive alone on weekends, with light traffic on familiar roads, such a private and precious time to spend with yourself and your own thoughts, with your favorite playlist accompanying you home. It feels good. 

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