Google AdWords Certified & Passion for learning

To become an AdWords Certified professional has been on my to-do list for way too long, even before I stepped into digital marketing field this year. Finally, being able to tick this off my to-dos feels pretty amazing! 

The requirement is, you need to pass 2 exams – AdWords Fundamentals and one more on Search, Display, Video, Mobile, or Shopping Advertising to be certified by Google. There are videos and study guide materials available to study online. 

I did try to study many times, but it was very difficult to stay motivated on my own cramming everything for the exams. 

Until a friend told me about Google Ignite, a 2-day seminar on Google AdWords with a lecturer and study materials for you to take 2 exams at the end of the seminar, and I happily registered without thinking twice. Everything is free of charge. I even found out later Google provided us free lunches, snacks, drinks, as well as many freebies throughout the seminar. Thanks Google for a cute Gmail bag! AND a Google tote bag they will send us along with our certifications in the mail. 

It helps me focus much better to study and absorb knowledge in a classroom environment. For a moment, I almost missed taking lectures in school. Once a nerd, always a nerd! I guess it will never go away! 

In the end it’s not even about getting certified. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely see its benefits, and think Google is smart to educate people to be able to use their tools effectively, therefore they create this positive image and make people eager to learn and use their marketing tools. Win-win situation. 

But apart from that, this short seminar and seemingly tiny personal achievement made me slowly realize what makes me happy. This year I’ve come to realize how heavily goal-oriented I am. And now I’ve found out I DO need to constantly push and challenge myself to do and learn new things, with concrete goals, in order to stay happy. 

Most importantly, I’ve realized I have a passion for learning, and I never want to stop learning and educating myself, ever, no matter how old I am. 

It is quite amusing, now that I ponder, I am very much like these Google marketing tools I’m using. What makes online ad campaigns so effective? Because everything is trackable and measurable. And that IS exactly me. In order to stay productive and motivated, I need trackable and measurable goals to see my own progress and improve my performance. My exercise routine and reading challenge this year adds as another important proof. Quite spooky, isn’t it? 

When work life has become a routine and everything feels quite stable, in which, by the way, I can’t stress enough how grateful I am, at the same time, though, it can be easy to get bored and lose motivation. Everything is good, but I’m not 100% satisfied, which is most likely normal for all of us. Lately I’ve probably lived inside my head and internalized way too much, as well as kept questioning myself a lot about what truly makes me happy in life. Loving, fulfilling relationship? Yes, important, and admittedly I really want it now. But at the same time it really is not the ultimate answer to my happiness, and it feels like relationships for people my age these days are too easy to get screwed up in one way or another. I’ve had enough, got so jaded that it honestly even made me sad, and kind of lost faith in that now (More on that some other time, if I can summon my energy to write it up). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, even when I’m in a relationship, I constantly need to fight this self-battle and this void inside of me still. Most likely, to me, it would be a bit terrible to hope someone else can fix your internal issues. After all, it’s yours, so it should be YOUR responsibility to deal with. A good life partner would do their best to support you. But after all, you are the one who has to figure it out yourself. 

Everyone’s definition of happiness should be entitled to themselves. But I’m glad that this weekend I’ve glimpsed a tiny bit more into tips leading to happiness, designed for me. I will keep an eye on more opportunities to learn something new and challenge myself. Self-improvement IS important. Self-discovery is even more satisfying, and, in my opinion, is crucial to create a lifelong, sustainable happiness. 


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