Content or Passive?

Recently I’ve been listening to quite a few people’s problems; be it their study, career, or most of all, relationships. 

Then I realized I have none. 

I have nothing to complain in return. 

The ironic thing is, as soon as I realized that, I started panicking about the fact that I do not have problems, at least not major ones I can think of right away.  Deep down I’m gripped with fear that this means I’m being too passive. 

Isn’t that screwed up? People in my generation aren’t programmed to feel content, are they?

I just wanted to write this because, I’ve never recalled myself catching a glimpse of content, until now. There’s this…stillness and peace within me, where it has never been presented before.  Until now it was full of chaos and confusion, almost all the time. 

Now, though, it’s the feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen in the future, but you make do with it and feel ok about it. At the same time, you try to stay active, learn new things, challenge yourself, and keep an eye on opportunities presented down the road. 

I feel like I’m in control of my life, and it’s such a great feeling. It also feels liberating that at the present I’ve got no one and nothing to weigh me down. 

Trying to keep positive vibes while finding more meanings in life. Let’s see how this life thing goes! 


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