The most uneventful weekend ever

Yup, did everything against best digital marketing practice to catch your attention in 3 seconds by putting it out there how uneventful (Read: boring?) it is for me this weekend. HA!

It’s interesting in a way though, as I checked my Moleskine agenda, this is the FIRST weekend, the whole entire weekend, this year that I’ve been home all weekend long. And working only very, very little.

And I tend to go on here when I have time to “reflect” or rant I’m not so sure. I started and finished this fiction called Normal People by Sally Rooney here in a day. It was alright, quite interesting to get a glimpse of stories of 2 people struggling through life and battling depression. You see how damaged humans are in this kind of novel and it did make me feel depressed at one point (Why am I reading this!? I wonder). But it didn’t leave any great impact on me like all the great reviews and prizes this novel had claimed, and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

It’s been a fairly easy, relaxing April so far! Having said that, I started the first week by panicking, freaking out, and feeling intensely upset about the changes (most likely affected by PMS though…). I was and probably still am having a culture shock and still getting adjusted myself to this new environment. I have more work-life balance now for sure. As far as I know, most likely there will be no 3AM Line messages or emails anymore and I can rest assured that crazy life of mine is now over. But I am sure there will always be new problems and issues for me to solve, no matter where I go. Hey, that’s why we all work, don’t we? To solve problems!

It’s really just the beginning now. But as someone who has been on fast-paced, high pressured, dynamic environment for a while, it could feel strangely peaceful and…slow. Not saying which one is better than the other, and actually I don’t think being too fast or too slow is good, it’s just like I was thrown between different ends of spectrum. And it’s such a sharp contrast to me. Every element in the culture, be it system or people, is entirely different.

It’s also very different when you shift from an agency to a brand. And it hit me in the first week. Now I get it how they say you are surrounded by similar people in the agency and everyone understands each other because we all speak the same language. But when you are a brand, you have to work a lot more on cross departments internally and they don’t really understand what you are doing at all. Communication skills would be very much needed here, and this is great because I believe it’s one of my strength. You would get to see the entire business of how things run as well. And I’m excited to learn about all of that, although I have to admit it can feel lonely at times when no one really knows when you are doing. I had an amazing team which we talked about work all day (and most cases night) long. We always supported each other and gave each other feedback, we tagged each other when there were some interesting news and stats related to digital marketing and so much more. Another thing I am getting adjusted to.

One of the good things now is that, I have more time to read and learn, which is great because they are both my favorite activities! Need to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty more from now on for sure as I don’t have a team to fall back on!

Another thing I want to do is try to explore Silom a bit more. It’s a mixture of old and new cultures in this neighborhood here. So far I’ve loved great selection of street food or food in general in all the markets here. Food is cheaper than Sukhumvit but more delicious! Possibly more shopping markets for cheap stuff too. Love it. The whole morning commute for an hour in a packed BTS is brutal though. But hey, you can’t have everything in life, right?

What an endless rambling kind of post (as usual!). Out of sheer boredom (again).

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