Hi! I’m Natta from Bangkok, Thailand. My last name is too long for you to remember, and my nickname which means “butter” in Thai (Don’t ask me why I’m “butter” This still remains a lifelong mystery) is probably unpronounceable for most foreigners 😉

A little bit about me, I’m speak Thai, English, and Japanese. Previously lived in PA, USA, Nagoya, Japan, and Bath, UK. Currently in Bangkok working in digital marketing. In this blog, I share (and rant!) all sorts of random things I’m interested in; everyday life random thoughts, work, travel, cosmetics, books, gyms, and many more!

Love: reading, goodreads, good music (Spotify is everything!), traveling, strength training, powerlifting (Squat, Bench, Deadlift!), fitness, interesting conversations, meeting interesting people, nice cafes, good coffee, beaches, rooftop bars, writing, cultural differences, fashion, shopping, online shopping, Instagram, spa, oil aromatic massage, chocolate, cosmetics, burgers, steak, Tonkatsu, Sushi, Thai food, bubble milk tea, Thai milk tea and…I could name millions other things but I shall stop here!

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